Jury Duty Isn’t So Bad

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When it is served with a historic courthouse! Recently, I had the opportunity to serve on a jury.  I will admit, when I received the summons and later when I received confirmation that I would need to show up, I was irritated and put out. However, after being selected to serve on a jury, I now am thrilled to have experienced this (and believe it is something everyone should get to do at least once in their life).  And, at least for me, it was even better because it gave me a chance to spend some time in a historic courthouse and take it all...

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Things to Do With Old Door Knobs

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Selecting Your Door Knobs For this project, you can actually choose old door knobs, old faucet handles, or anything other cool, old item that will allow you to hang stuff on it. I happen to like old door knobs and they may be a little easier to find.  I was making a towel rack for the bathroom but this same concept would be great for a coat rack, organizer, etc. The door knobs I had to work with had an approximately 3/8” fine threaded hole in the bottom for the axle.  There are several different types of door knobs.  Some may have a ¼” square...

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How to Cane a Chair

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For some of you (and me), the phrase “caning a chair” may be new. For me, it conjures up ideas of beating a chair with a cane. It turns out, that isn’t quite what it is all about. For those who are interested in learning more or tackling this project on your own, here are a few steps to follow in caning a chair: Necessary (or at least very helpful) Tools and Supplies Small, sharp chisels. An inexpensive set with multiple, differently shaped cutting edges can be purchased from Michaels or another craft/hobby type store for...

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Why Historic Building Archives?

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Have you ever driven by an old building and wondered what the story was behind that building?  We have.  Many times.  That curiosity (and frustration) is what caused us to start this site. A year or so ago, we were moving in to a 100 year old building and turning a portion of it into an events center.  During the process of remodeling and getting ready to move in, we became curious about the building’s history.  We knew a little about the building.  We knew what had occupied the building when it was brand new, but not much more than...

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