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Alex Dow Elementary School

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Detroit, MI, United States, Michigan, USA 48219
Year Built/Circa: 1952
Current Use: School
Vacancy: Occupied
Architect Builder Engineer: C. William Palmer

One of 88 Detroit Public Schools nominated for the national register.
Alex Dow was born in Scotland in 1862. He emigrated to the US in 1882.
In 1893, as a result of Hazen Pingree’s efforts to break the power of corporations over Detroit City politics, Detroit built a municipally-owned power plant. Dow was the plant’s first manager and electrical engineer for the city of Detroit.[1]
It was during this time that Henry Ford worked under Dow at one of the Detroit Edison substations. Dow took Ford with him to the 1896 annual convention of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies being held that year in New York City. It was at this convention that Dow introduced Ford to Thomas Edison.[2]
Dow was appointed water commissioner for the city of Detroit in 1916-1921 and again in 1925-1932. In 1932, he was made the president of Detroit Edison and served until 1940. He was elected president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for the 1928-1929 year

From Wikipedia
One of Dow’s decendants has a 78 rpm recording of Dow introducing Henry Ford to Thomas Edidon.

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