An Old House Basement Bathroom Project

This weekend we visited the Quad Cities (Davenport, Moline, Bettendorf, and Rock Island). Our number one reason for the trip was to spend time with family. However, we have just started another project at our 1917 house and thought it might also be a good opportunity to check out an architectural salvage shop in Davenport, Iowa.

A Bathroom Project in an Old House

Old House Basement Bathroom ProjectWe happen to be a family of four living in an old house with 1 ½ bathrooms. I have to admit that the limited bathrooms probably challenge me the most as the lone female in the house, especially now that our twin boys are 14-years old.

Last fall, we decided that we would make a plan to get 2 more bathrooms added to our home. The first one will be in our basement. The second one will eventually be in our future master suite in our attic.

Our basement is what anyone would expect for an old house. Exposed duct work, a rough and uneven floor, and painted tile walls. Also, the space currently serves as the laundry area and miscellaneous storage area.

Our hope is to add a full bathroom in the basement that can be used when dirty kids and dogs come in to the house. It will also serve as a changing area for those using our outdoor hot tub.  Eventually we will be updating the laundry room area too but one project at a time!

Architectural Rescue Shop in Davenport, Iowa

And now you know why we ended up at the Architectural Rescue Shop in Davenport. I was on the hunt for a specific door that we could put on a vintage track for the new bathroom. Although I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I did get a great deal on a door that should work just fine.  I also found two cupboard doors that will soon become a built-in linen closet in the new bathroom.  More to come on this as we make progress in the new bathroom.

But now, just a little bit about the Architectural Rescue Shop.  Located in a historic neighborhood in Davenport, Iowa, the rescue shop displays, preserves and sells antique architectural items.   Individuals can help preserve our heritage by saving old doors, windows, woodwork, plumbing, cabinets, and hardware and donating them to Architectural Rescue ShopThese items can then be used to help restore other older homes in the area, as well as raise money to assist in preservation. The non-profit business is staffed by mostly volunteers from the neighborhood.

Although quite small, the Architectural Rescue Shop has quite a bit to offer as far as architectural salvage is concerned and fairly reasonable prices. However, they don’t budge on prices so you can leave your negotiating skills at home.  If you love salvage, it is worth a visit!

Not only will you enjoy your visit Architectural Rescue Shop, you will also be able to drive through the historic neighborhoods of Davenport. The old homes and churches are absolutely gorgeous. Of course, like so many communities, there are some old houses that need to be rescued and renovated. If you are in the market for a fixer-upper, this is definitely an area worth checking out.

Well, I guess I better get back to work on our basement bathroom project.  More updates to come soon, I hope!  Wish us luck!

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