Where to Start on a Renovation Project?

It is finally official!  Last Monday, we closed on the old house that will become our 2014 renovation project!

It is a little funny.  Getting to the closing on this property was no small feat.  However, it is very obvious that we are just at the very beginning of a lot of hard work, money, and free dinners and drinks going to helpful friends.

Last time, we posted pictures of the outside of the property.  Today, we will share some photos from the inside of the house.  Some elements of the home are absolutely stunning and will definitely be kept.  Other parts are not so great and will likely be removed.  And then there is a third category:  the controversial elements.

We would love to hear your opinions!  Let us know what you think!

As with many old homes, the bathroom(s) and kitchen are always the biggest challenges.  That is definitely the case with this project.

The KitchenThe Kitchen

It is dark.  It is dreery.  It is filled with a strange combination of wallpaper and dark wood cabinets.

The counter tops are in good shape and most of the appliances are as well.  The cabinets are currently the controversial topic.  Can they be salvaged/re-purposed to tie in with the rest of the house?



The Bathroom

Bathroom Towel BarLook at that lovely towel bar!  That is definitely staying.  The pink tile is a bit controversial.  It is in good shape so maybe once we get the wall paper removed and some of the other weirdness (like the wooden paper towel holder!), we can make it work.  Should the pink tile stay or go?

The Living Room

The Living RoomDon’t you love that carpet?!  That is going to have to go.  We are unclear at this point whether or not the flooring underneath will be able to be re-finished or if we will be starting from scratch on that front.

Today, the fireplace is not functioning.  A gas fireplace will be added.  The french doors throughout the home are in excellent condition.

Lighting and Other Elements

Fancy Light

There are some really cool lights that will continue to be a part of the home and this is one of them.

As most of you are probably already aware, we love door knobs and this home has an amazing combination of glass and ornate door knobs.Fancy Door Knob

So now the big question, where do we start?  Our thought:  let’s start removing some wall paper!


Author: HBA

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  1. Ha! you have the exact same 1984 era cabinets that are in our 1925 storybook tudor. Except ours were badly painted white. Actually, once we repainted them properly and paired them with nickel era-appropriate hardware, they don’t look too bad and saved us from a huge expenditure. i have attached a picture of our laundry room, formerly a dining nook off the kitchen.

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